Free Weights vs. Resistance Band Training

Whether you are a fitness novice or an expert, we believe there is always something more to learn when it comes to physical fitness and personal training. So, as creators of this product, we were curious, would a resistance band provide a different type of metabolic effect as compared to lifting weights? The results might surprise you!

Slow Burn vs. Fast Burn

Lifting weights gives an immediate, intense caloric burn, so naturally they are more effective at building muscle and burning fat, right? 

Not necessarily. The difference between resistance training vs weights is the length of time in which your metabolism reaps the benefits afterwards. When you lift, it's an immediate, intense burst focused on a specific muscle/muscle group. With resistance, you have a combined impact of working the muscles with both strength training and stretching, allowing a longer, slower burn that continues well after a workout. 

The Benefits of Flexibility

Training muscles slowly, with longer, intensive movements over a period of time, in comparison to short bursts, has a number of benefits including the lengthening of muscles, offering a leaner appearance, increased overall strength and flexibility (especially important as you age) and improved posture. 

Resistance at all stages of your fitness journey. 

Resistance bands can be incorporated into your current routine, no matter what size or shape you might be in. You will be able to increase/decrease your resistance as you scale up or down on your routine. Resistance bands put the control back in your hands and knowing your body will help you to improve your overall fitness performance, rather than relying on external accessories that do not provide continuous feedback, such as weights.