Reslete Fitness Band FAQ's

Reslete Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is my warranty? 
Your warranty on your Reslete resistance band is inclusive of all wear and tear, covering the first two years of use. 

2. How do I know where to start, resistance-wise? 
Adjustable resistance is really about learning to listen to your body. We recommend a level that makes working out a challenge, but not impossible and certainly not painful, you want to be able to achieve a full range of movement with each exercise. 

3. I don't work out often, can you recommend some exercises?
Definitely! Please check out our YouTube channel here for a variety of recommended exercises, at home and/or at the gym. We also have lots of tips and tricks on our TikTok. 

4. Do you have a customer support line? 
If you have any questions regarding the product or warranty, please reach out to us on our Facebook page, Instagram or email us anytime, at:
5. Do you only sell one type of band?

Reslete is the only fitness band you will ever need to purchase, it is an adjustable band made to conform to all stages of you, from the beginning of your fitness journey to the expert level. 

6. How do I activate my warranty? 

Upon receiving your Reslete adjustable band please scan the QR code on your package, it will lead you to our warranty page where you can register your product. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us. 

Reslete Adjustable Resistance Band
7. Can I use this with an injury?
Resistance training can be one of the more beneficial types of exercise while you are on the mend. However, we do not recommend any type of fitness regimen without a doctor's approval. 

8. Wouldn't lifting weights be just as beneficial?
Resistance training is proven to give both the benefits of weight training while getting the stretching benefits of similar exercises (for example, yoga) and what this full range of movement brings to you is an elongated muscle, and training that burns more calories post-workout, leads to a leaner physique, as compared to weight lifting, which focuses on shorter bursts of intensity.

9. I have a return, what next? 
We are happy to accept products you are either unsatisfied with or have a defect, please contact us first to arrange a return.