About Reslete

Reslete adjustable resistance band
Why Adjustable Resistance? Our story
Reslete is the world's first fully adjustable resistance band. That means it is made for all fitness levels, all sizes, all capabilities and for all stages of your life, for whoever you are today and whoever you want to be tomorrow.
Founded in 2020, the creator of Reslete noticed there was a gap in the fitness community for a workout accessory that can accommodate you at any stage of your fitness journey. Purchasing multiple tools for various exercises is not only expensive, but it can also be impossible if you live in a small space. Resistance can give just as many benefits (if not more) for your workouts, but how could we make a product that's even more beneficial?
Typically, multiple resistance bands will need to be purchased over the course of one's fitness journey. If you gain or lose weight, go through a pregnancy, experience an injury, or start more intensive training....your body's needs will change. We saw an opportunity to create a high-quality product that can change with you, and adjust as your body changes. 
Reslete can be used by anyone from a fitness novice to personal trainers and bodybuilders. Our focus on high-quality craftsmanship and our above-average industry standard warranty can give you peace of mind that this is not a gimmick, it is an investment in your fitness journey. 
Be fit, be empowered, be environmentally sustainable and with our growing community, learn how to train more effectively with Reslete.