Cardio or Resistance? How to Make Resistance Training Your Favorite Workout

Resistance Band Training vs Cardio Training:

Often people tend to favour one or the other when it comes to resistance bands and cardio.  Everybody’s fitness journey is extremely personal, Reslete adjustable resistance offers the ability to tailor your workouts exactly to your needs. 

Resistance Band Training Benefits
There are many different pros when it comes to resistance band fitness:

Larger muscle groups used
It has been proven that you burn more calories when using exercise bands because you use more muscle groups per exercise. With the fluidity of the movements, you lengthen and incorporate multiple muscle groups, rather than focusing on one small area. 

Muscle Building
Resistance training in general helps you build more muscle, as opposed to cardio training.

Improved athleticism
With resistance bands, you generally partake in diverse physical exercises which require some level of flexibility. This of course can be developed over time 

Some myths about the superiority of cardio:
Calories burned
Cardio exercise is thought to burn more calories as you are constantly on the move and consume energy. Resistance training, however, is proven to burn calories long after a workout ends. 
Boosts endorphins
Cardio exercise is proven to boost ‘happy’ hormones in your brain which aids in sound mental health and relieves stress. Adjusting the band to your workouts does allow to hit 
Strengthens immune system
By cardio training, your body releases more bacteria as more white blood cells are being produced.
Improves sleep
Let’s be honest, by burning more energy, you are sure to have a great night’s sleep.
Cardio Training Cons
● A lot of pressure on joints
● Only one muscle group used

What's the Verdict?
And so, we can see that there are many pros and cons to both using resistance bands and cardio training. The main thing when deciding which type of exercise plan to follow is to establish your main goal first. Do you want to improve your stamina, or do you want to gain muscle? Do you want to go easy on your joints, or is running the only form of exercise that helps you sleep better at night?

Resistance band training is one of the few workouts that stays with you throughout the day and beyond, we might be biased but we feel a combination of cardio with resistance will give you the best results.