Why Resistance Bands are the Optimal Product for Australian Fitness Wholesalers

Here at Reslete we have designed the world's first fully adjustable resistance band. You can read more about the beginning of our story here. 
Our product is hand-assembled and manufactured to order. This means we are not keeping large quantities of the products on hand but we can offer deeper discounts with this model. 
Our shipping is also half the price of most other fitness products because it is lightweight, foldable and able to be shipped easily via air or land transport. 
It is a very versatile product, specially designed for all stages of a person's personal fitness journey, this is marketable to literally all audiences, all ages and all levels of fitness. With the adjustable features, it can be changed to accommodate fitness levels as they change. Perfect for personal trainers with clients of different sizes and abilities, schools with athletes in various stages of training, and wholesale businesses looking to cater to bulk orders. The fabric is lightweight yet durable and all of our bands come with a warranty. 
Our ordering process is simple, please contact us here to get started!