Which Celebrity Trainers Use Resistance Bands?

Celebrities. Their appearance is on display for the whole world to see and they have the means to pay trainers to get them in tip-top shape. Celebrity trainers know how effective resistance band training can be and how they have transformed the fitness world in recent years. There are a number of celebrity personal trainers who use resistance bands in their resistance band training routines for their clients.

Just in case you are not fully convinced about whether or not you should start using exercise bands in your resistance training, here are a few celebrity trainers who incorporate resistance band training into their clients’ fitness routines.

Celebrity Personal Trainers Who Use Resistance Bands

Taylor Walker

Taylor Walker is a certified personal trainer, a holistic health coach and a fitness model. Taylor Walker focuses on holistic wellbeing and highlights the importance of listening to your body. She uses dumbbells in her fitness routine, as well as resistance bands training to keep both herself and clients in shape. 

Astrid Swan

Astrid Swan likes to think of working out, and physical health as a gift. She has implemented this way of thinking into her work with her clients and she has enabled celebrities like Shay Mitchell, Julianne Hough, and Alicia Silverstone to take on this mindset too. Astrid Swan likes to incorporate resistance bands into her strength training routines.

Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin Karachiwala is the most sought-after personal trainer for Bollywood celebrities today. She owns her own fitness studio called Yasmin’s Body Image. Yasmin and her team help their clients set realistic goals. Yasmin also incorporates resistance band training in her work with her clients. 

Kit Rich

Kit Rich is another personal trainer who has worked with celebrities like Kesha and Jennifer Lawrence. And if this is not impressive enough, Kit Rich has been named as one of the top 5 trainers in Los Angeles by Shape magazine. She has also been on many different TV programs due to her fitness career. Kit Rich has amazing experience and is another celebrity trainer who incorporates resistance band fitness in her work.

 Resistance bands are probably one of the most versatile fitness tools out there. Even more versatile is an adjustable fitness band that can grow and change with you as your fitness routines change.