Why Use Resistance Bands with Your Workouts?

The team here is obviously a fan of resistance bands, but why should everyone (truly, everyone) incorporate bands into their routine? Here's a quick list of why we think if you aren't using a band- you should start: 
1. Engage your muscles without straining them
Weights and other accessories used can be a bit of gamble, especially if you are beginning your fitness journey or are involved in any type of physical rehabilitation. Resistance works by using your own strength levels and abilities, making it nearly impossible to overexert yourself. 
2. Wider variety of movement
With bands you can workout in a manner conducive to your home set up. For example, rather than having to use a gym with a bench with chest presses, you can use the bands in a standing position from the comfort of your own home. 
3. Cost effective
Resistance bands are one of the most cost effective ways to gain muscle, lose weight and increase your mobility without having to purchase a wide variety of workout accessories. Once you learn how to use your bands, they can be all you need for an effective, all encompassing workout. 
4. They are perfect for all stages of your fitness journey
Whether you are seasoned fitness pro, a new mom, pregnant, in shape, out of shape, whatever you current stage of life is, fitness bands can accommodate your level and are a great way to ease your body into the next phase. 
5. Travel friendly
Whether traveling for business or pleasure, it is really easy to neglect your fitness routine when you are on the road. A pair of Reslete bands can easily fit into your suitcase and make those hotel room workouts a breeze. 
5. Core Stabilization
The constant pressure of the bands requires you to engage your core consistently as you perform various movements. This precision that's required results in an almost accidental abdominal workout, no matter the muscle you are currently focused on. 
6. Peak Muscle Activation
When using exercise bands, your muscles maintain a constant level of resistance, unlike weight training. With these longer, steadier movements you are more easily able to activate strength training mode and maintain a higher level of metabolic burn. 
Using bands will give you more options in your workouts and on your fitness journey. Using adjustable resistance will enable you to take your workouts to the next (or previous) level as your life and body require.