Why Adjustable Resistance is the Perfect Tool for Physical Therapists

If you are a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or anyone working in the personal rehab space, you often travel with tools to use for your workouts.  Resistance bands are a go-to tool in this space as they allow you to help your clients control their movements while they enhance their strength and flexibility while they are in a state of healing. 

Physios generally have a variety of resistance band lengths and thicknesses at their disposal. Each client will require different levels of exercise as their programs progress. For physios, especially those that travel to clients, that can wind up being a lot of individual pieces to carry. 

Having a resistance band for therapy has a variety of benefits, some of our favourite reasons for using a resistance band in your therapeutic regimen include: 

1. Portability. They are lightweight, highly functional and easy to bring with you on the go.

2. The exercise combinations are endless. You can target your whole body,  specific zones or focus solely on one area for maximum return. 

3. They are all-rounders for your body providing cardio benefits, strength, increased bone strength and enhanced mobility. 

4. For patients in rehab programs, they can be used in weight-bearing positions as well as sitting or laying down, depending on the stage of recovery. 

5. Progression is quick. With the enhanced ability of Reslete's adjustable resistance, patients will be on the road to recovery much faster. 

Reslete provides an adjustable band that is durable, changes according to individual requirements and can be used on clients at all levels of recovery.