What are the Benefits of Using a Resistance Band?

In order to add some variety to your workout routine, Reslete band training is a convenient and effective way to do so. They are highly functional and transportable (great for holiday workouts). As with any exercise routine, resistance bands will increase the strength of your muscles and stimulate growth!

What they will also do is hit the full range of motion, working many parts of a muscle often underworked when using free weights. When using bands during your training be sure to maintain consistent resistance throughout each part of the motion. Whilst performing the movements the muscle groups are fully activated in both the concentric (lifting) phase and the eccentric (lower) phase.

As a result, you achieve a greater range of motion, overall strength gains, and total burn. There is no rule that says that you cannot use resistance bands during any part of your training session. This includes muscle group activation, stretching, resistance training, or cool down. However, you can also use them during recovery periods.

Benefits Of Resistance Band Training: 

- Cost-effective
- Easily accessible and transportable
- Can be used in a range of way
- Can be used for all muscle groups
- Come in a variety of resistance
- Can be used to assist in body weight movements
- Can be used to make movements easier or more difficult
- Easily stored
- Most of all, they are extremely SAFE.