The Secrets to Tom Brady's Workouts

Tom Brady, one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history, and one of the fittest, and is known for his exceptional fitness and training regimen. With six Super Bowl titles to his name, Brady has been a dominant force in football for over two decades. Along with his rigorous workout routine, Brady has also incorporated resistance band workouts into his training, which has helped him maintain his superior strength and flexibility.

Tom Brady's Preferred Method

Resistance band workouts have become a popular way for athletes to build strength and improve their flexibility, and Tom Brady is no exception. In fact, Brady believes that resistance band training is an excellent way to maintain and improve his strength, especially as he ages. He uses resistance bands for a variety of exercises, including squats, bench presses, and push-ups.

Keep Fit Anywhere

One of the main benefits of resistance band workouts is that they can be performed anywhere, making them ideal for athletes who travel frequently. Brady often carries his resistance bands with him while on the road, allowing him to maintain his training regimen regardless of where he is.

In addition to being portable, resistance bands are also very versatile. They come in a variety of strengths and can be used for both upper and lower-body workouts. Brady often uses resistance bands to target his core muscles, which are essential for maintaining good posture and balance while on the field.

Resistance Bands Prevent Injury

Another benefit of using resistance bands in workouts is that they prevent injury. Tom is aware, that, unlike traditional weights, resistance bands place less stress on the joints and muscles, reducing the risk of injury. This is particularly important for older athletes, who may be more prone to injury due to wear and tear on their bodies. Tom is known to use resistance bands, foam rollers and frequent stretching during his workouts to maintain his muscular yet limber frame. 

Among celebrities (including Ice-T, who has said that resistance bands have put him in the best shape ever at 64) Tom Brady is one of the biggest advocates for resistance band workouts, and his dedication to this form of training has certainly paid off. By incorporating resistance bands into his training, Brady has been able to maintain his strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. For anyone looking to improve their workout routine, resistance band training is definitely worth considering.