How to do a Resistance Band Lat Pull Down

The lat pulldown is a great exercise that can be completed using the Reslete Resistance Band and door anchor.


- Stand with one foot about a foot in front of the other so your stance is staggered. Stand far enough forward that there’s tension in the band. This is the starting position.
- Grab onto one end of the band with each hand and extend your arms toward the ceiling at a slight diagonal. Your torso should be upright and leaning slightly forward. Keep your core tight, back flat, and chest lifted. Slowly pull your hands down and out to shoulder height. Hold for a moment.
- Slowly extend your arms back out to the starting position. This is 1 rep.
- Complete 12-15 reps for one full set. Work towards completing three sets.
- Increase the difficulty of the exercise by adjusting (shorting) the bands length but keeping in mind that positioning of your feet stays the same.